Long Term Government Contracts

  • GSA #GS-21F-0020U HARDWARE SUPERSTORE: Includes Household and Office Appliances; Commercial Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants and Lubricants; Hardware Store Catalog and Store Front; Lawn and Garden Equipment, Machinery and Implements; Rental and Leasing (as pertains to products offered under this schedule); Tools, Tool Kits, Tool Boxes; Woodworking and Metal Working Machinery; All Parts and Accessories Related to Products Offered Under This Schedule. 

       51V SIN:

       105 002 - Hardware Store, Home Improvement Center, or MRO - CATALOG

       105 003 - Hardware Store, Home Improvement Center, or MRO - SERVICES

  • GSA #47QFNA20D0005CBRNE RDECOM ECBC (ARMY): Chemical, Biological, Nuclear, Radiological and high-yield Explosives headquarters. Multi-year contract with the Army out of Aberdeen Proving Ground. 

  • GSA #GS07F036DA TOTAL SOLUTIONS FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT, SECURITY, FACILITIES MANAGEMENT, FIRE, RESCUE, CLOTHING, MARINE CRAFT AND EMERGENCY/DISASTER RESPONSE: The Local Preparedness Acquisition Act, signed June 26, 2008, authorizes state and local governments to purchase from GSA alarm and signal systems, facility management systems, firefighting and rescue equipment, law enforcement and security equipment, marine craft and related equipment, special purpose clothing, and related services. 

       Schedule 84 SIN:
       246 42 1 - Facility Management Systems 
       260 10 - Marine Craft Electronics Bridge
       426 1A - Miscellaneous Personal Equipment
       426 1B - Body Armor
       426 1C - Helmets
       426 4C - Night Vision Equipment
       426 4F - Emergency Preparedness and First Responder Equipment, Training, and Services
       426 4G - Firearms Storage, Securing, and Cleaning Equipment
       426 6 - Law Enforcement and Security Training
       465 10 - Emergency Patient Transportation and Immobilization Devices
       465 19 - Firefighting and Rescue Tools, Equipment and Accessories
       465 9 - Medical/Rescue Kits
       633 40 - Flotation Devices

       633 61 - Special Purpose Clothing (not elsewhere covered under this solicitation)

  • MJL GSA SCHEDULE 75-220 OS4 Contract #47QSEA19D009B Office Products & Services / Office Supplies 4th Generation (OS4) and Schedule 75 85 - Restroom Products


  • #SP47W1-19-D-0016 DLA FEDMALL (MILSTRIP): MRO 

  • #HU0001-16-D-E013 FIRST AID SUPPLIES (Uniformed Services University of The Health Sciences)

  • #M67854-16-D-5015 AMAL ADAL US MARINES - MARCORSYSCOM: Procurement and delivery of authorized AMAL/ADAL (Authorized Medical and Dental Allowance List) commercial medical and dental equipment and supplies to the US Marine Corps.

MSPV BPA Contracts

  • MSPV 2.0 #36C24C19Q0034 - Syringes and Needles

  • MSPV 2.0 #36C24C19Q0036 - Optometry

  • MSPV 2.0 #36C24C19Q0041 - Safety Devices and Supplies

  • MSPV 2.0 #36C24C19Q0046 - Medical Imaging

  • MSPV 2.0 #36C24C19Q0047 - Sterilization Solutions and Supplies

  • MSPV 2.0 #36C24C19Q0051 - Dental Supplies and Equipment

State Contracts 

  • Virginia NASPO Contract: E194-80584 

BPA Contracts

  • #N32205-13-A-6216 MILITARY SEALIFT COMMAND: Providing hull mechanical and electrical/electronic (HM&E) items, habitability items, and general repair items for MSC afloat assets.