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The Official Distributor of the FOD*BOSS in the U.S. and Canada

   For airports, maintaining a safe, hazard-free environment is a matter of absolutely vital importance. 

Yet even well-run airports often struggle to properly control a serious but often overlooked safety hazard: foreign object debris (FOD).  If not managed properly, foreign object debris can cause severe equipment damage and/or bodily injury. 

This phenomenon is known as foreign object damage, which also has the acronym FOD.

  To address the hazard posed by debris,airports should have runway cleaning  equipment on hand that is capable of gathering the wide assortment of FOD that can be encountered at these facilities. 

  The FOD sweepers available from Aerosweep provide the best solution on the market today for keeping airport runways and other areas clear and safe. 

The Problem

What is FOD ?

FOREIGN OBJECT DEBRIS (FOD): Foreign Object Damage (FOD) at airports includes any object found in an inappropriate location that, as a result of being in that location, can damage equipment or injure personnel.  FOD consists of a wide range of materials, including broken pavement, trash, soda cans, paperclips, luggage parts, employee ID badges, tools, screws, nuts, bolts, gloves and other pieces of clothing, and wildlife/birds.  FOD is found on all aircraft operating areas, including aprons, taxiways, and runways.

FOD costs the aviation industry over $16 billion a year and also represents a significant physical risk to passengers and all airside workers.  However, robust FOD sweeping and mitigation programs help reduce this risk.

Handful of FOD

The Solution

Improve Airport Safety.

The FOD*BOSS airport sweeper is designed to provide an unrivaled FOD pick-up rate, be easy to operate and ensure your team’s productivity is maximized.  Combining speed and effectiveness are just two of the many reasons why the FOD*BOSS Ultimate is relied upon by airports and airlines around the world.  Delta Airlines, for example, reported "We have done extended trials of all FOD equipment and the FOD*BOSS is clearly the most effective tool”.  Now that's high praise indeed!  The FOD*BOSS is your perfect FOD sweeper for all your tarmac cleaning needs and in areas where agility and flexibility are operational priorities. 

You need equipment that maximizes FOD prevention, minimizes airfield disruption, can be rapidly deployed, and yet has a low operating cost.  The FOD*BOSS puts you and your team back in control of FOD management.

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