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Statement From
The Union Mission Ministries

Dear Friends, 

Every day I thank God for friends like you, especially over this past year, as so many in our community have suffered greatly due to the rapidly rising costs of life's basic necessities. Your generosity truly brought hope to many of our neighbors experiencing homelessness and hunger in Hampton Roads. 

You've helped provide food, shelter, clothing, training, and counseling for thousands of men, women, children and veterans. I've enclosed a Stewardship Report to show you the true life-changing power of your compassionate generosity.

I've also enclosed a 2023 Certificate of Recognition for you to keep as a reminder of the difference you are making in Hampton Roads. You see, every gift you send immediately goes to work helping to change the life of someone experiencing homelessness. And by helping them, you are helping to transform our entire community. 

While you've put a roof over so many heads, filled so many bellies, clothed so many bodies, and put hope into so many hearts, there are so many more of our most vulnerable neighbors who still need our help. 

That's why we still need you. We need you to help the next neighbor, veteran, and senior who has nowhere else to turn for a nutritious meal, warm shelter, clean clothing, training, and hope for a better future. 

While some of our miracles begin with a meal, all of our miracles begin with you. 

Thank you and may God bless you! 

Rev. John W. Gray Jr. 

Executive Director

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