Medical Supplies

MJL Enterprises provides Medical and Dental Equipment to the U.S. Military and Government. MJL is a Medical/Dental Equipment & Supplies Prime Vendor on Contract# M67854-16-D-5015 with the U.S. Marine Corps (MARCORSYSCOM) to provide Medical and Dental equipment & supplies for their expeditionary medical units.  

Department of Veterans Affairs and DLA Buyers 

MJL was awarded the DLA Medical ECAT Contract SPE2D1-17-D-0026

To register to DLA Medical ECAT, click the the link below:

MJL Enterprises is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business. We make it our business to support the people who support our Veterans. We place an emphasis on the Medical Supplies needed by our VA Medical Healthcare Facilities. We work with major manufacturers and distributors to offer thousands of the greatest variety of supplies at the lowest cost. Whether you’re looking for bandages or surgical equipment, we have you covered.

We are an important source of supply for many VA Medical Centers, Indian Health Services and the U.S. Military. We pay attention to detail to make sure our Federal Agencies get the items they need accurately, expeditiously and at the lowest cost. Let us demonstrate how we can become a trusted partner to your operation.