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MJL Enterprises Invited To Attend Trade Show in Colombia

MJL Enterprises recently participated in a Colombian Air Force trade show event in Colombia in collaboration with the Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP). The aim of this event was to introduce the products and services offered by MJL Enterprises to Colombian government, military and commercial sectors as part of a Foreign Military Sales (FMS) initiative. Among the many products we introduced to the Colombian market, the FOD*BOSS Ultimate Airfield Sweeper was featured prominently. Just as in North America, MJL Enterprises is the exclusive distributor of the patented FOD*BOSS Airfield Sweeper in Colombia. This innovative product has helped reduce operating costs and increase airfield safety in airports, military bases, and airfields across North America and MJL hopes that it can do the same for Colombian airfield operations. We are grateful to the Colombian government and the VEDP for giving us the opportunity to bring our exciting products and services to a new market. Here are some photo highlights from the trip:

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